Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Have a Nice Day!

Hello again…  I hope you are well and that things are going in a way that you want them to.

I could also say that I hope you are “having a nice day” and put that quintessential Americanism into action.  Remember how very popular that was a few years ago?  Back in the day I used to have a little cynicism about it but at the same time I came to see it as a reminder to do just that, to make my day a good one!

One year friends visiting from the UK commented to me that in most of their transactions with store clerks and restaurant workers they were regularly reminded to “have a nice day” and they thought it was sweet and kind; a quaint novelty that was part of being in America.  I don’t believe that other cultures have this particular “add-on” in their banter. 

“Have a nice day” is an invitation to set an intention to make something happen that is positive. It is remarkable how much sway we can actually have.

So, please, be my guest and have a nice day!

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